A very British Grand Prix

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A Very British Grand Prix
By David 1 July 2019 122 Views No comments

Summer has to be the best time of year as there are so many great events that allow us to spend plenty of time either in the garden or day tripping with our friends and family. The months of July and August are jam packed with festivals, fetes and shows and of course many great sporting events.

July is particularly great as we not only get to see the great british tennis spectacle of Wimbledon,  which was the world's first official lawn tennis tournament,  but also The British Grand Prix which was first held as part of the Formula One World Championship way back in 1950!

Held at the Silverstone Circuit near the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire, it's been raced 53 times as the British Grand Prix since the beginning of Formula One.

For some Formula One racing is a way of life and statistics of race car specifications and drivers details are memorised with great vigour.  For others it can just be a brilliant spectacle to be enjoyed while relaxing in front of the television on a lazy Sunday. Of course the best place to see the British Grand Prix is trackside,  where the real action is happening! The smell of the cars and the insanely loud noise of them passing along the straight at 180 miles per hour is something to behold but for many of us the television does just fine allowing us to enjoy the coverage while taking it easy with our feet up.

There are worries however that 2019 may be the last year that the British Grand Prix will be held at Silverstone as the city of London is looking to secure a contract with the Formula One World Championship to hold the British Grand Prix at a circuit that may be built in the London Docklands. 

The Silverstone round of the Formula One World Championship consists of 52 laps of the 3.66 mile circuit bringing the total race length to 190.32 miles. The current circuit design was established in 1987 however a chicane was added to the straight, after the tragedies at Imola in 1994, to reduce excessive speeds.

A great thing about the Britsh Grand Prix is that there is a three way tie for the most wins at the circuit with two of these drivers being British! Both Jim Clark and Lewis Hamilton tie with famous French driver Alain Prost for 5 wins each at the historic Silverstone circuit.

Looking forward to the 2019 race Lewis Hamilton will be looking to displace Alain and Jim from the 'most wins' at Silverstone should he win the race. This is all very possible as he currently leads the championship with 197 points with Valtteri Boltas close behind with 166 points and Max Verstappen further back in third with 126. Lewis has already won 6 races of the championship with his Mercedes so there is a very good chance we will see a British driver win this year too!


So whether you are crazy about Formula One Racing or just looking for an excuse to throw a little garden party the British Grand Prix is ideal. Should the weather hold on the 14th of July we will be in the Garden with a barbeque, shaking up an andPOUR Martini and watching Lewis battle it out with the other drivers.  Win or lose, we will have a great afternoon!

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