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Our top 4 Cocktail Blogs!
By David 24 January 2019 68 Views No comments

There are a whole host of extremely talented and noteworthy cocktail bloggers out there. From great recipe writers to late night cocktail bar quips i’m really impressed at how deep the community goes and with the characters that support it. With this in mind it was very hard to choose just 4 top cocktail bloggers from those that are out there but we managed it!

Cocktails of Copenhagen

Cocktails of Copenhagen isn’t run by just one person but by a group of hardy volunteers who keep it fresh and diverse. The blog features many new cocktails from around Denmark as well as hosts tons of great looking photos of local cocktails and the bartenders that produce them.

Booze Nerds

Booze Nerds is the creation of a couple of pals (Christa and Shaun) from Seattle with a penchant for extrapolating the technicality of cocktails. The come up with some really clever recipes and seriously like to experiment.

A Bar Above

A Bar Above is a pretty professional setup with online cocktail seminars and podcasts. It is slick and organised and has great resources for learning the art of bartending. The focus appears to be shifting towards a Mixology certification program but is still a great site.

Stir and Strain

Stir and Strain has been run by a lady called Elana since 2011. It’s a great site full of recipe ideals and tips. She loves DIY cocktail projects and features great ideas for cocktail flavoured gifts!

That round out our list of favourite cocktail bloggers for the minute. There are so many other great cocktail blogs that this list is sure to change up shortly!

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