The worlds best cocktail bars

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The worlds best cocktail bars
By David 22 July 2019 39 Views No comments

With the amount of alcohol related history in the UK it’s not surprising to see that according to London has three bars out of the top 5. Due to London being so historic and important in the past many of the authentic cocktail recipes we have grown up to love where invented there. In fact the term “cocktail” was coined in London on March 20th 1798. It was the day “cock-tail” entered the English vocabulary, printed in The Morning Post and Gazetteer, a long-defunct publication of London.The word was used in a satirical list of who owed what in the heart of British politics after a tavern owner cleared his regulars’ tabs after winning a lottery. It was Pitt the Younger who was said to have owed for, among other drinks, a “cock-tail (vulgarly called ginger)”. What the drink actually was is unclear, but one theory is that it took its name from the practice of ‘cocking’ (cutting short) the tails of horses that were of more than one breed in order to distinguish them from pedigrees. From mixed breed, to mixed drinks – however the name came to be, the Americans can still boast the first printed definition of the term, which appeared in 1806 as “a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters.”

There is in fact a long list of authentic cocktails recipes invented in London such as The Breakfast Martini, The Collins and The Vesper Martini. Many of the most important cocktails created in London are of Course Gin based but there are exceptions. The Espresso Martini is a cocktail recipe made with vodka and served in a martini cocktail glass , hence the name, with the addition of espresso and coffee liquer. Created in 1983 by bartender Dick Bradsell in Fred’s Bar London when a patron asked for something to “wake them up a bit”. It's been an official IBA cocktail since 2011.

Regarding current list of the top 50 cocktail bars worldwide they have ranked London bars Dandelyan and American Bar first and second. Third place is rounded out by Manhattan Bar in Singapore. However in an unforseen recent event Dandelyan was actually shut down for a short period of time and reopened as Lyaness due to a change of direction from the creator and opener.

World’s 10 best bars

1.Dandelyan – London,UK

2.American Bar – London, UK

3.Manhattan – Singapore

4.The NoMad – New York, USA

5.Connaught Bar – London, UK

6.Bar Termini – London, UK

7.The Clumsies – Athens, Greece

8.Atlas – Singapore

9.Dante – New York, USA

10.The Old Man – Hong Kong, China

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