How does it work?

  • You simply choose the cocktails you love or want to try, select how many servings of each cocktail you’d like and we work out what spirits, mixers and ingredients you’ll need. We then ship it to you in one of our beautifully designed boxes that you will be happy to display pride of place at your special event.
  • Our range of 24 cocktails can all be ordered online from 4-14 servings.  We also cater for larger parties and corporate gifting, contact us at concierge@andpour.com for details.

What if I have dietary requirements

  • If you have sensitive dietary restrictions, we recommend that you closely read the menu description as well as the ingredients of each cocktail before ordering.
  • For customers looking for a Vegan cocktail, we have indicated the ones that are!

How will I know how to prepare each cocktail?

  • Each andPOUR cocktail pack contains a simple, easy to follow cocktail recipe card. Some cocktails may require specific bar tools or glassware to make each drink special and we will make suggestions as part of the ordering process to help you decide.
  • Any recommendations or additional items for your consideration will be shown as you journey through our site and you can add them to your basket at any time.

How long can I keep the cocktail ingredients?

  • The majority of the spirits that we use are stable, meaning they don’t have a shelf life and will last for many many months and/or years.
  • However, we recommend that you refrigerate the citrus and any perishable items included in each box upon receipt. Properly chilled, perishable items will remain safe to consume for approximately 1-2 weeks after receipt but the sooner you can drink them the better they will taste!

Does each cocktail arrive ready to drink?

  • Each andPOUR cocktail pack arrives with all necessary ingredients (including any selected garnishes) as well as step by step instructions to help you make your selected cocktail. All you need to do is MIX SHAKE andPOUR!

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